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Download Dariush3D

Dariush3D is a good freeware of go and atari-go. Its interface is in 3 dimensions and is very adapted to the children.

Dariush3D require a recent graphic card.



Dariush3D permits you :

- to play with it or to play with another player in local area network or different (addresses IP) .
- to play the go, the atari-go, or with only one visible color .
- to open and save games.
- to play on gobans of any size (3*3 with 19*19).


You can initiate your children with the catches thanks to the atari-go :
  • The rule is very simple, the first which takes a stone win.

  • You can play on gobans of any dimension.

  • On the level “master” Dariush, with the blacks, plays the perfect blow for small gobans (until 7*7).

  • Play go with only one color! You must memorize the position of the adversary. Very difficult ...




    You can play in network with another player. It is enough for you to know address IP of its computer

    Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000 with 32 MB RAM   

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