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Dariush Sudoku is a freeware without any limitation, which assists you in the resolutions of your grids.

Dariush permits :

  • To generate a grid of any level.
  • To record, charge a grid of sudoku.
  • You to give instantaneously the value of a box.
  • You to allow to return a value in a box and to check if this value is legal.
  • You to give the final result of any grid, some is its level of difficulty.
  • To check the unicity of a grid.

Download (version 1.2, freeware (738Ko), runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000)

then amuse well

You can also download a few hundreds of grids generated by Dariush-Sudoku here.

example of diabolic grid generated by Dariush-Sudoku

Links :

- A sympathetic and very teaching software. It generates grids of any level and assists you in their resolutions.

- The french forum of Sudoku.

- All that you always wanted to know about Sudoku without ever to have dared to ask it : Wikipedia


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