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Download Dariush

Dariush is a freeware.  

Dariush is able to create an infinity of variations. The number of simultaneous games is only limited by the memory available.  

Dariush permits you,

- to play on IGS, LGS and WING.
- to learn Joseki and Fuseki ( compatible with the "Kogo's Joseki Dictionary ").
- to play with it or with an external go engine, like gnugo , Aya etc (7 free engines are available here).

- to solve problems.
- to open and save games formats : .go, .mgt, .sgf, .ght, .ugf et .ugi.

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On IGS, LGS and Wing you could :
  • see a game and try variations.

  • Save a game.

  • Play a game.

  • See a game and see josekis or fusekis or territory.


    Dariush shows the Josekis and Fuseki.You can learn
    and play every possibilities.


    Dariush shows the territory and the dead stones.




    Problems :

    Dariush permits you

    • to resolve problems.

    • to create problems library.

    • Download problems.



    Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000 with 32 MB RAM   


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